Help!!! (part 1)

Surely Analyzer has several bugs. However, sometimes the error is not due to Analyzer. A network driver could not be installed properly, a network card could not be supported, and so on. Before asking for technical support, please read carefully these notes:

Supported platforms All the platform supported by the WinPcap drivers. Basically, Windows 98/ME and NT/2000. Take care: Analyzer does not work with Windows 95.

Hardware compatibility Ethernet is well supported. Token Ring and FDDI should be supported as well; dial-up adapters are usually unsupported. Since this feature depends on the WinPcap library, more details can be found at the WinPcap home page.

Problems when selecting interfaces These are not problems of Analyzer. Analyzer relies on WinPcap for that. Please refer at the help provided by WinPcap home page.

No packets are captured
  1. Is the adapter in promiscous mode? Please check at "Begin capture", then "Advanced Settings".
  2. Are you on a switched network? Switches isolate all the traffic except your. 

Problems with the help Analyzer uses Microsoft extensions to show HTML helps. These extensions are available in all the systems in which Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 is installed. Latest version is downloadable from the Microsoft web site (click here for more details).

Source code download Analyzer is a public-domain software but it is not an open-source tool. Source code can be released only to people who have a *strong* interest in collaborating to our project. You may send us an e-mail.

Protocol dissectors We are rewriting the analysis engine. We do not guarantee that the present syntax of DFF, IFF and PDF files will be maintained in the future. In case you want to add a new protocol, please send us:
  • the dissector
  • a capture file in order to test it properly in the future

Documentation We are not native speakers. We apologize for the English translation that contains several mistakes.


Known bugs
  1. Timestamps. There can be some timestamp mismatches on capture files and monitoring graphs.
  2. Remote capture. It has been planned; however it is still unsupported.


Mailing List Please check at our mailing list archive in order to see if someone already got the same problem (and it got an answer as well).

If you require some more information, please >> follow this link >>.