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Upcoming Events:
Computer Security 2001 November 28-30 Mexico City
I will be attending the Computer Security 2001 Conference in Mexico City. I will be presenting a talk on the honeynet project. KNTV I just finished a television interview (Bay Area) for the Honeynet Project. I will post an update when I know the airtime.

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Winfingerprint / Wininterrogate - Win32 Utilities that I maintain. Hosted at sourceforge.net
APTools - Win32 / Unix 802.11b Wireless Access Point Detection / Auditing Tool that I maintain. Hosted at sourceforge.net. This tool was released at SANS in San Diego, CA on 10/15/2001.
Honeynet Project
PcAnywhere Denial of Service
Compaq Insight Manager Denial of Service and default passwords
Should Feds Trust Windows NT?"
Tools from the Underground
A simple and Effective Path to Improving NT Security
Building a Security Toolkit

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