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FreeBSD ports submissions
01/02/02 - 11:48am
I like FreeBSD, and I like the ports collection, so I thought I would start helping out:
ettercap port submission , correcting a vulnerability found by GOBBLES.
flawfinder port submission.
firewalk port submission
scanssh port submission

Technotronic Hacked :)
12/10/2001 - 9:00pm
So technotronic was hacked. Anyone who visited the site within the last year knew that the site was dead anyway. It has been in the process of being transitioned to people who have the desire to take care of it. No real excuse for the vulnerable wu-ftpd, other than the fact that patching was left to the administrator of the box (not me).
Someone claimed it was a snort-rule based cgi. There was never a snort based cgi on technotronic, nor was there any cgi on technotronic authored by me. In other news, the Computer Security 2001 Conference is over. My presentation on honeypots/honeynets can be found here.

APTools Released
10/15/2001 - 10:00am
Released APTools at SANS in San Diego. APTools is a utility that is able to detect and audit Wireless Access Points "over the wire". CVS Source, Powerpoint Presentation and additional information available here.
Nimda Scanner (Win32)
  09/21/2001 - 11:04pm
Released nimda.zip Features:
* Open Source Win32 command line application
* Raw ICMP support to determine if hosts are active (Only checks hosts that are up)
* Can use current credentials or command line supplied credentials
* Write output to screen and text file.
* Enumerates ALL shares on host C$,D$,ADMIN$,MYFILES, ETC.
* Scans each share for admin.dll, readme.exe, readme.eml, root.exe, riched20.dll, load.exe,and mmc.exe
If found, displays file size.
* Quick scan single host, Scan a text file of hosts, or enter an unlimited IP range.
* Checks system.ini for shell=explorer.exe load.exe -donotloadold

Winfingerprint 0.3.0
 09/04/2002 - 5:30pm
Released winfingerprint 0.3.0 Details and downloads here.

Code Red Worm Scanner
 08/08/2001 - 7:15pm
Released coderedscanner-2.5.tar.gz (Unix Threaded) and coderedscanner-v22-win32.zip (Win32 Non-Threaded). Special thanks to Rob Thomas for multithreading patch.

No more IRC at Home
 07/27/2001 - 10:55am
In an effort to introduce some productivity in my life. I removed all IRC clients from all of my systems except 1 work computer (Which I plan to let idle.) In winfingerprint news, I added icmp support into the cvs version. I will hold off on another release since 0.2.0 is so fresh. I *finally* completed the network solutions paperwork so that technotronic.com can be transferred. I hope the site prospers. I just got a gift certificate for thinkgeek.com. It is appreciated, so thanks whoever sent it.

No longer attending Defcon
 07/14/2001 - 12:33pm
I am no longer going to Defcon. Sorry I am unable to see lots of my friends. aempirei,awr,ktwo,horizon,rfp,fyodor,bronc,optyx,dayzee, etc. I'll make it next year....

 07/11/2001 - 2:36 pm
I added a webcam page a few days ago. Don't expect it to be on much. I released a new version of winfingerprint (0.2.0) today, grab it over at the winfingerprint homepage. See you at Defcon.

 07/01/2001 - 11:36 am
I am passing the technotronic.com torch to others more interested in maintaining the site, I thought I better redesign this page as it will be my new home. The html design is from http://www.oswd.org. Technotronic has been around for almost 4 years and I have finally become too busy (with work and my personal projects to give the site the proper attention it deserves.

Winfingerprint CVS Development
 06/30/2001 - 12:00 pm
Winfingerprint development is coming along nicely. I recently have integrated IP Functionality (before everything was strictly SMB). The old Network Enumeration function that was uncontrollable has been replaced with IP Address Range support and a new non-blocking TCP Port Scanner has been integrated for those times when you do not have proper privileges to enumerate remote services.

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