Analyzer: a public domain protocol analyzer

Analyzer is a full configurable network analyzer program for Win32 environment. Analyzer is able to capture packets on all platforms (and link-layer technologies) supported by WinPcap, except for Windows 95.

This program is current being developed at Politecnico di Torino; main contributors include Loris Degioanni, Paolo Politano, Fulvio Risso and Piero Viano and it is released under a BSD-style licence.

This work has been partially sponsored by Microsoft Research and Telecom Italia Labs.


  • Analyzer is a tool that is still under development. Please be patient when you use it.
  • Analyzer does not work with Windows 95.

   NEW!!! Analyzer 2.2 available!. Bugs fixed and more...

Release 2.2, 21/12/01







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